Friday, October 18, 2013

Finally, It's Done

I almost forgot - my article was published this month's issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine.

It may be just a trade mag, and the article is written for those that use the data, but it's nice to see one's name in print as an author. And the editor responded enthusiastically to my idea of doing an article that's more pure history for them.  I need to see if I can start working some time for it into the days.  I know where everything I need is - it's just the assembling of all the pieces into a coherent story.

And seeing the article in a national publication made feel as if the Never Ending Project is finally done.  I even let Burt send the old records back into storage without my clinging to them and weeping.

In case anyone wonders - no, I didn't get paid for it.  There's the whole against the law thing with that.