Friday, June 20, 2014

If One Has To, They All Do

So the gummit has smacked at the Washington Redskins because of their "offensive" name.



The name comes from the Choctaw "Okla" and "humma", which translates to "Red people".  Oklahoma is second only to Alaska in percentage population that is Native American.

And looky here at the home page for Red Mesa High School, which is located on a Navajo reservation in Arizona.

Bet a whole bunch of other examples can be found with a web search, as well.  Seems to me that if Dan Snyder has to change his team's name then there's a whole bunch of other changes will have to be done, as well. I mean, it would only be fair, and we're all about fairness, aren't we?

h/t Jeffrey Kuhner over at WRKO


  1. Oh you don't EVEN want to go there... :-)

  2. You might as well go there; the professionally-offended will start pushing it in 3 ... 2 ...

  3. @NFO, Rev, Rick - Sometimes it's tempting to go there as much as possible just to see how twisted people's panties will get.