Thursday, April 30, 2015

Imma Gonna Riot

I live a bit west of Baltimore - about 75 miles.  There's a mountain ridge between the Socialist State of MD and I.  That's deliberate, both because I prefer to live in mountains and because the US hasn't learned anything and cities like D.C. (also close) and Baltimore are very vulnerable to major terrorist attack.  Also because I got tired of the bubble of liberal stupid that those areas are encased in and I had to leave or lose what little mind I had left.

But I still visit.  Baltimore has enough to offer to make day trips worth while.  Like the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race, scheduled for this coming Saturday.  Said race is always followed by my spending money in the city.  A lot of people spending money in the city.

No Race on Saturday, though, because the city has been afflicted with Stupid.

So dangerous that the Baltimore Orioles played to an empty stadium - the game was closed to the public.  They won (they'll undo that by the end of the season), but a whole lot of income was lost.  The vendors there don't live on wins, they live on filled seats.

I did gain a new hero, at least.

You go, momma!  And why weren't there a whole bunch of other parents out there doing the same thing?

After the idiocy of St. Swisher, I gotta tell you that I am disinclined to believe that there was wrong-doing on the part of the police officers involved.  If there was, then appropriate measures should be taken.  But you know what?  It helps you to avoid injury by police if you aren't prone to committing crimes. Really.  Give it a try.

Nearly 100 police officers injured because initially they were ordered not to put on riot gear.  Millions of dollars in damage.  The mayor of Baltimore, Rawlings-Blake?  "Let them loot, it's just property."  Dear Ms. Rawlings-Blake:  Let's move them all to your front yard and turn them loose on YOUR property and see how you feel.  Like your car?  Aw, too bad.  It's in flames.  But, after all, it's just property.

Yeah, yeah.  I get it.  The US is a racist country.  So racist that a black president has been elected twice.  So racist that we've had a black Secretary of State, a black National Security Adviser.  So racist that states have or have had black governors and major cities have or have had black mayors.  Rawlings-Blake being one of those black mayors.  So racist that we have dumped trillions of tax dollars into the black community in the last 50 years only to see conditions worsen as we fed an entitlement mentality that destroyed black families in a way that would make slavers proud and Martin Luther King weep.

OK, I'll give you that last one.  The Great Society was and still is racist.  Dear whites who support it: you may have missed the memo but treating a whole group of people as if they are incapable of doing anything without government help is VERY racist.  Dear blacks who support it: here's a link to the definition of "useful idiot."

Bet most people don't know, though, that while rioters concentrated downtown were demanding justice for their latest criminal martyr, some of their fellow travelers were also busy in the Baltimore suburb of Dundalk.    Richard Fletcher, 61, is recovering from the beating he received from a group of teens and adults.  You can read the story here.

Let's see, black criminals get riots, groveling, positive or flamingly stupid media coverage (See Cuomo and Salon. But IDIOT ALERT) and the promise of more money being thrown down the bottomless hole of the race-baiting industry.  White non-criminals get medical bills and largely ignored by the major media.

Obviously, I've been doing things wrong.  SOMEBODY (that would be you, dear taxpayer) needs to start buying me STUFF.  Or maybe I should just go over to the local Walmart, break some things up, set a couple fires, and walk out with a new TV.  After all, I was born into a poor family - I deserve it.  So imma gonna riot.  Seems to work for a bunch of people these days.


  1. We share your anger & frustration.

  2. I know you're using your sarcasm font (tm), but dangit, everything you wrote is frikkin true. I also have yet to see the clip of the pro baseball player (football? correct me on my sport if I'm wrong, I don't even pretend to be a sports fan) who goes off for several minutes about how "we know things is broke, we know things need fixin', but RIOTIN' AIN'T THE WAY!!!"? Yep. I saw it on a FB link. Have yet to see it on a media outlet.

  3. We tried that we'd be UNDER the jail in 15 minutes... sigh

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  5. @All - And does nobody else notice that as in the other cases none of this would have happened if he hadn't been involved in criminal activity? Stop committing crimes and you will have less interaction with the police you flippin' idiots!

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    1. Thanks, Glenn. It's just all so bloody tiresome anymore....

    2. Thanks, Glenn. It's just all so bloody tiresome anymore....

  7. A great post indeed

  8. Why is everything I post doubling...?