Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I went out to dinner with a friend....

Scooter now has assumed the mantle once worn by Blu - Destructo Kitty.


  1. As cruel as it may sound, we came up with a method to keep kitties out of Christmas trees: put mouse traps under the tree skirt. The heavy flannel kept the traps from being able to hurt anything, but the cats discovered there were land mines under the skirt, and stayed far, far away.

    1. Rev - I think I'm going to pick up a wider skirt today and do exactly that - booby trap the edges. He loves water so spraying him has no effect at all. And he's way worse this year than last.

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  2. Make sure to scatter traps at random, under the skirt, or Destructo-Cat will just step over the ring. We even moved ours around, daily, to prevent memorization of the "mine field".