Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Informal Poll - Update

1/18/2016 - I finally got around to doing a count.  Compared to the Chief Narcissist's past efforts, this year was surprisingly short and relatively lacking in self-references.  Although if you looked at it proportionally, self-reference per word count it might come out the same.  Don't know, not interested in finding out.  Anyway, only 58 occurrences of "I", "me", "my", or "mine."  Not even up to his "I'm stupid about guns and I demonstrate that you are too" speech a couple weeks ago.

So, because I'm lazy and because my "how to" search turned up "the Blogger poll widget is broken", I'm doing this the old fashioned way.  To whit:

Tonight is Obama's last State of the Union Speech.  I don't watch speeches - people can say anything they want in one and have no connection to reality.   But we have a sociopathic narcissist as president, so people have been counting things for grins and giggles.  Like how many times he references himself in each speech.  I think it was 76 times in the anti-gun, Vicks-under-the-fingernail-for-faux-tears speech last week. (Side comment - I stopped by a local gun shop while out yesterday and their cases looked like locusts had descended.  The nice lady on the counter said they were swamped on Saturday and won't get restocked until the end of the month.)

So, my question is "How many times do you think Obama will refer to himself in tonight's speech?"  I'm starting the bidding at 150.


  1. 150? Only in the first hour. After that, he'll really get revved up.

    And I'd sooner hammer my thumb than watch it.

  2. I'll wager a guess of 176 times.

    1. I tried to count them in the text, but got really nauseous.

  3. Don't know, don't care.
    I understand, listening for his 'I' references makes a great drinking game!
    Not unlike The Bob Newhart Show, taking a shot whenever someone says, "Hi, Bob!"