Sunday, June 26, 2016


So, it is currently popular to ignore little details such as x and y chromosomes, penises and vaginas in favor of what a person "identifies" as.

Well, OK then.  If all that matters is what one identifies as then I identify as an armed American.  I do NOT identify as a person banned from owning a gun because of a secret government list that involves no due process and requires that a person prove they are innocent rather than assuming citizens are innocent until proven guilty.

And if you say different you'll hurt my feelings and you know how important feelings are.  I might need a safe space.


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  2. Sorry - don't type without the reading glasses.

    I'm often found in pants and a button down shirt, own not a single pair of high heels (well none worn vertically) and I prefer steak, single malt scotch, power tools, Nascar, sex, and toys that go BOOM to purses and pedicures - I identify as female. My firearm, however, is gender neutral. It will take out ANYONE regardless, of race, sexual orientation or religion, if you attempt to harm me, my children, or my grandchildren

  3. What Brigid said, except for the high heels & identifying as female. I identify as Klingon. :)