Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Is It Just Me?

Am I the only one who is bugged when "clip" is used instead of the proper "magazine" in an otherwise good novel?  It grates on me like the misuse of historical/historic and accurate/precise do.  Particularly the latter.  VERY different concepts.  You can be precise as all get out and be completely inaccurate at the same time.


  1. No, you're NOT the only one, by a long shot!

  2. You are not alone

  3. There are many of us!
    Not just magazine, but STOCKS, not grips (a grip frame is where stocks are installed - per Jeff Cooper).
    And, just to be persnicketty, older S&W revolvers with the firing pin attached to the hammer, technically it is not a firing pin.
    Per their old parts catalog, it is a HAMMER NOSE!
    Yeah, I like being a wise ass!


  4. Me too! Add me to the list. (I am always correcting those that misuse "clip").

  5. My braincell automatically adjusts mags/clips (unless someone's using a Mosin or speedloaders for a revolver), and it drops the writer's credibility in my mind. The story had better be friggin Robert-Jordan-level of epic, or I may not buy another book buy them. Because if you're not willing to do that minimal amount of research....

  6. @All - I really love what I'm reading BUT so far 1) clip for magazine 2) repeated use of "precise" where the correct word would be "accurate" or "exact" and 3) GRANITE FLOORS IN LIMESTONE CAVERNS OMG THE GEOLOGIST IN ME IS FREAKING OUT!

    But I guess it's still better than the automatic Glock pistol in another book I read...

  7. And the over-use of the "Mind....Blown" theme these days. If *that's* all it takes to blow your mind, then I weep for the wasted braincells you were gifted with at birth. Yeesh.