Friday, January 26, 2018


So, in need of some brain deadness, I was watching a documentary series about a security team in a British hospital.  Among other social problems, there has been an increase in assaults on hospital staff in the country and beefy guys in stab-resistant vests now monitor and patrol hospitals.  (Side note - there seems to be the same problem as we have here with too many mentally ill folks on the street.)  Anyway, in one episode, a large patient gets violent.  Security pins him to floor.  Police arrive and it goes like this:

Patient: "I'll kill you!"
Officer standing over him, calmly: "Did you just threaten to kill  me?"
Patient, calmly:"Yes."
Officer, calmly: "Well, that's going to change the way we play."
Patient, calmly:"I know."

Then it got uncalm.

Almost surreal, it made me laugh out loud.