Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Three Out Of Four Completed

Surgery - Done
6 rounds of chemo - Done
6 weeks of daily radiation in Winchester - Done
Maintenance chemo (side effect free) every 3 weeks - In progress

Feeling much better than I did a few weeks ago.  The main problem left by the chemo is neuropathy - a weird combination of pain and numbness - in my hands and feet.  And my big toes hurt.

Yeah, that's ugly.  Sorry.  I'll be seeing a podiatrist regularly for a while.

I have a dandy "sunburn" from the radiation.  But it's not like I haven't had a bad sunburn before.  My last treatment was Monday - the itching and tenderness is already abating.   I never did have any other side effect from the treatment.  Compared to chemo, radiation was a breeze.

Despite the weather's best efforts, I walk for 45 minutes to an hour most days.  I need to start working on upper body and hand strength, though:  my forearms are visibly thinner than when this started, and I can barely rack the slide on my Kahr.  Cold wet stuff needs to stop falling out of the sky so I can tackle the yard.  A rake would do me more good than any gym can.

My taste buds are back - I'm eating anything that can't get away from me.  It took a bit after I got back in January to get out of the anemia and get my potassium up to where it should be, but all the numbers are normal now.  I guess as things heal the need for a lot of nutrients will no longer be a good excuse for "I want some of that.  And that. Yummy!  And, oh yes, THAT." 

And I have hair.  Well, sort of.


  1. Small steps, but all good news! :-) And you've got more hair than I do... sigh

    1. LOL! And I have a new respect for all the time bald guys spend cold.

  2. YEA!!!! Good for you for getting through the 3 hardest parts!
    For not giving up, even when you wanted to. Badly!!
    The weight will come back, as will the hair. It just takes time. And Spring is on the way. I know this cause we had ducks in the pond the other day. It is a sign of Spring around here.
    The raking and garden work will follow shortly. Personally, I can't wait!
    Would using one of those soft, squeezy stress relief balls work to help rebuild your hand strength? That's what I used to improve mine so I could rack S&W.

    1. I had one of those balls but it seems to have wandered off.
      But finally remembered to bring the gun down to TV room. Plan is to rack/dry fire while watching TV.