Monday, April 27, 2020

On A More Positive Note...

This has been the most magnificent Spring I can remember.  March was warm and started things rolling, then April cooled and prolonged it.  And I have a young hound who needs a lot of exercise so we have been out in it almost every day, walking miles and miles.  Various governors would be pissed off at me, too, since I'm in and out of West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia and no I don't self-quarantine afterwards.

"And miles to go before I sleep..."
The bluebells have been amazing - just acres and acres of blue blanketing the forest floors.  They are at the tail end of their bloom season now, and once completely done not only will the flowers disappear but the foliage will also fade back into the ground, leaving no trace of the plant until Spring comes round again.

Virginia Bluebells

Acres and Acres of Bluebells

Wake Robin Trillium

Trout Lily


Dutchman's Britches

Squirrel Corn


Grape Hyacinth - A Pretty, Invasive Non-Native

Nodding Star of Bethlehem - Also An Invasive Non-native But Beautiful

Just Really Cool
It's warm enough now that I'm seeing frog eggs in puddles, turtles, and snakes, and hearing Spring peepers.  The hummingbirds are back and video is already circulating of the first bear raids of the season.  Spring is well and truly here and we're loving it.


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    1. Thanks. Taken with my cell phone. But I'm sorta wanting a real camera now.

  2. Wonderful to see! Our temps have finally warmed to around 50, tho' still below freezing at night. Snow is gone, and the ground will soon be thawed enough for grass to green up.

  3. Great news! We're apparently skipping spring again this year, jumping from the 40s to the 80s... sigh

  4. I am very glad that your energy and drive has returned. Keep on rockin