Monday, January 11, 2021

Oh, Stop.

With the "always peaceful and no destruction of property" chest thumping.  It's as much nonsense as the liberal belief in a money tree and socialism being the key to happiness and prosperity.

We gained the freedoms that so many are happily pissing away through destruction and bloodshed.  Governors were kicked out of their homes and property destroyed before the first shot of the American Revolution was fired.  Remember that little sneaky little thing that happened in Boston Harbor one night in 1773?  Private property trespassed on, private property destroyed.  Then the government that wasn't  listening tried to march in and confiscate folks guns and ammo and, boy howdy, did the breakage and bleeding start then.

About 80 years later a whole bunch of property and human wreckage happened that resulted in freedom for a whole class of people.

Freedom is a messy thing to get and to hold on to.  Benjamin Franklin may or may not really have said "A republic, if you can keep it."  But he would have looked at a whole lot of folks as if they had 2 heads if they had told him they believed that the only legitimate way to get or hold freedom was through being nice.  The new nation had been born through years of breaking things and killing people. There's a whole lot of grey there.

Last Wednesday was a sh#t show.  Personally, I strongly suspect it was a Reichstag-style operation that was probably planned in conjunction with Democrat and possibly Republican leadership.  The Antifa agitators should not have been followed by Trump supporters.  But I've seen 2 different videos of police opening the barricades and letting people on to the Capital grounds, which was basically an  "OK, come on in." What's up with that?  And people heard bangs coming from the Capital before Trump was finished speaking and before the crowd started moving that way, which suggests that Antifa was already engaged.

Yeah, I know.  Liberals lying about something - Whodda thought?

I would also like to know when live ammo has been used on Antifa or BLM rioters.  Can you imagine what D.C. would have looked like Thursday morning if Ashli Babbitt had been a part of BLM?  The smoke would still be rising from the rubble.

Resistance has to be massive and coordinated.  Running someplace because a few enthusiastic folks are waving you on is an excellent way of running into a trap.  Which was what happened.  And the trap worked.

It did at least expose the nest of roaches in Congress and perhaps, finally, people will understand that these professional politicians cannot be trusted further than you can throw them.  They are there for power and nothing else.  In theory they should only be afraid of not doing the job they were elected for.  It has been obvious for a long time that that isn't anything they worry about and I for one would be gratified if I heard a few politicians had to change their underwear.  

I've been saying for years that the Republican party is the Whig party of the late 20th and 21st centuries.  There isn't a dime's worth difference between them and the Democrats.  And it needs to go into the dustbin the same as the Whigs did.


  1. You are exactly right, IMHO. I've been saying these same things to those who will listen.