Wednesday, March 30, 2022

I Sorta Wonder...

 ... if major media - after, what, 2 years? - is finally hopping on the Hunter-Biden-laptop-is-real train because they see that Biden and his policies are going to absolutely destroy the Dem brand and they are preparing to get on the 25th-Amendment train?  And they have to get on THAT train because there is info about Joey B. on that laptop that would inevitably lead to an impeachment train?

Speaking of which, the ever-plummeting-in-ratings CNN decided to start a pay-for streaming channel.  I guess maybe the execs never considered that if your ratings are in the toilet when you are free it's unlikely people will pay for you either.  Heard something today about big layoffs coming maybe as early as May.

And I read HB 1557 today - the Florida law that everybody is screaming about.  I assume that all those doing the screaming have also read it, so I don't get where the "Don't say gay" moniker comes from:  "gay" does not appear in the bill. Nor do "homosexual" or "transgender". What it DOES say is that sex-ed cannot be taught before 4th grade and it must be age-appropriate when it is taught.  But the main thing the bill lays down in law is that the school is not the parent and may not interfere with the parent without legal and financial consequences.  Of course, now the challenge will be to enforce the requirements of the law.  In little ol', theoretically conservative West Virginia, no sooner does the legislature pass a law then school boards figure out a way of dodging it.  But then WV keeps electing Joe Manchin and RINO Shelley Moore Capito, too, so the title "conservative" is a bit dubious. 

Heard some teacher whining that he couldn't tell his students about things like what he and his boyfriend did over the weekend.  I don't remember ever knowing ANYTHING about any of my teacher's private lives in any grade.  They were there to teach.  And that's IT.   And my education didn't suffer for it.  

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  1. Oh you...dinosaur! How dare you NOT want your grands to know what the teachers are doing in their bedrooms! /snark off...