Sunday, May 15, 2022


Found out this morning that 2 of our St. Simon of Cyrene Trucking Ministry trucks have had things like catalytic converters stolen out of them and the third has been vandalized.  We use these trucks to deliver fresh produce and household goods like toilet paper to food pantries throughout WV as well as parts of VA, MD, and PA.  

We also are the only charity in the county that picks up and delivers large furniture and appliances to needy folks.

If it was just theft, I would think it was just that.  But the vandalization of the third makes me wonder if the pro-aborts (and since the one who dies has no choice, there's no such thing as pro-choice in abortion and I will not use the term), knowing that they would be quickly bundled out the doors and into the arms of local police if they interrupted Mass, have chosen to attack us this way instead.

I also wonder if any one of the screamers currently stomping around at any time in their lives has ever done as much as we do to make sure that women really DO have a choice.  I wonder if any of them has ever been as willing to spend their time painting walls for someplace like St. Joseph's Mary's Refuge as they are to scream about the right to kill an innocent and defenseless human being.


  1. So sorry to hear that. Could be anything from meth heads to purposeful sabotage...

    1. NFO - I would have put it off to druggies stealing if it wasn't for the fact that one truck was simply vandalized. Which makes me wonder if the thefts were a form of vandalization. Unless the vandalization was a frustrated "Screw you" because the thief couldn't get something he wanted off it.