Friday, August 12, 2022

The Good News, The Bad News

The good news:  The US Stasi have probably handed the presidency to Donald Trump in 2024.

The bad news: they've probably already hired their shooter.

And if you don't think elements within the US government would use assasination to get what they want then you haven't been paying attention.


  1. This presumes they have not already enrolled all the illegal aliens with fake address and voter registrations to steal the election again as they did in 2020.
    Or just declare some fake virus and attempt to lock down the country again.
    Or just declare martial law or a national emergency requiring the same.
    I agree with the paying attention. They assassinated JFK, RFK and MLK Jr, after all.

    P.S. Did you ever find your knife?

    1. Hey - Yeah. I think our respect for the US Stasi came out of movies and TV, not out of what they really have been.

      Didn't find the old knife but bought a pretty Husky. The only quarrel I have with it is the release is very stiff. So I periodically just open and close it so it will loosen up.

    2. I dislike the hard release knives. Glad you could find something you like though! Be safe and God bless.

  2. Going to get even MORE interesting, and NOT in a good way. Dammit.