Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Society is SOOOO Much Better!

A quick scan of the news:

“Mayhem in Mobile:  300+ fight on street corner, man shot in face…” – 7/5/2011
“2 shot during Massive brawl outside Atlantic City casino…” – 7/5/2011
“Dozens of teens loot store, then attack passersby…” – 7/5/2011
“Mob of 100 rob restaurant customers in Philly…” - 6/29/2011
“Massive brawl at DC’s Caribbean Festial…” - 6/27/2011
“Woman’s leg broken, others hurt in Philly mob attack…” - 6/27/2011
“Flash mob of 40 rips off Philly SEARS…” 6/26/2011
“Pandemonium in Peoria:  Mob yells ‘Kill all the white people…”- 6/26/2011
“Teen brutally beaten by mob: cops mull ‘lynching’ charge…” - 6/24/2011
“Teen mob of 50 hits Chicago Walgreens…” - 6/24/2011
“Teen flash mob robberies on rise…” - 6/18/2011
“15-year-old targeted in latest Chicago mob attack…” - 6/16/2011
“Brutal NYC subway brawl capture on video…” – 6/13/2011
“Hospital Mob: 11 arrested for Rioting, Trying to get into ER…” - 6/13/2011
“’War Zone’; 100 people brawl in McDonald’s lot, 2 stabbed…” - 6/10/2011
“Five teens arrested in Chicago mob attacks…” - 6/06/2011
“Flash mob turns ugly at High School; Senior prank gone bad…” - 6/02/2011
“Mob swarms Vegas store, steals $600 worth of merchandise in just 3 minutes…” - 5/05/2011
“Teen mob robs store…” - 4/28/2011
“’Flash mob’ on CA boardwalk ends in shooting…” - 4/18/2011
“Bikini brawl in Burger King; near riot…” - 3/24/2011
“Subway brawl erupts over spaghetti eating passenger…” - 3/18/2011

This while Judeo-Christian concepts and symbols of God are banned, in fact actively driven, from the public square.   This while those whose (self-perceived) superiority allows them to live either without God or with a vague concept of a god who wouldn’t dream of imposing rules of behavior on them rejoice in His banishment from American society.

Yeah.  It’s made this country SO much better.


  1. I'm willing to bet a good number of those participants would tell you they are church-going, Trust-In-Jesus in one form or another people.

  2. @Quizikle - Nope. I'm willing to bet they are the children of a generation whose god is named "I want".

  3. I don't disagree - I do agree - but I still believe that's what they'd >tell< you ... and maybe even believe of themselves.

    But partially in their defense(?? a rationalization - not defense), they were raised on "You deserve..." and "It's your right" and "It's not your fault"

  4. @quizikle - Thanks for clarifying. And in turn, I agree with you - raised on entitlement and a lack of consequences for actions.