Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm in a "why?" mood today:

Why do I have to balance my personal budget but the entity that has fiducial responsibility for a goodly chunk of my money doesn't?

Why did it take longer for police than for the press to get to Utoeya Island ?

Why is it always my side that has to compromise?

Why do they keep neglecting to mention the Islamic connections of attackers but label a flaming nut case a conservative Christian right-winger?  Aren't labels supposed to be a a no-no?

Why is what I say divisive but what the politically correct say just an opinion?

Why are guns dangerous but not being able to protect oneself not?

Why do people keep invoking the Crusades as an example of aggressive Christianity when it was in reality an attempt to block the spread of a branch of Islam that was bent on conquering Europe -  and nearly did.

Why are women supposed to support other women but the instant a strong woman like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman stick their heads up it's open season on them?

Why is the national media not required to actually do any research? (see Murphy's Law post concerning Contessa Brewer, who is a perfect example)


  1. Well said ... er, asked. The answer, of course, is "fairness". That means, in liberal speech, whatever they want it to mean. Usually, that means their opinion is TRUTH and ours is HATE.

    Perhaps it's time we turned the tables?

  2. The thing I really, really don't get is how a country with a gazillion miles of coastline and islands has a police force that could not get a boat or 'copter to that island in a heart beat.