Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Um. No.

I've heard that when Marines are out working in the swamps and woods of the deep south they may wear woman's panty hose under their uniforms in order to block chiggers and mosquitoes.  The infernal pests can't get through the fine mesh of the hose.  But I have no question about a Marine's manly manliness. 

It seems that, however, that men are adopting panty hose as general wear.  I'm sorry.  I'm sexist.  Men in panty hose just don't appeal.

This is sexy:

This is not:

Article here.


  1. I read somewhere that wearing pantyhose prevents saddle-soreness in new horseriders. Probably where the whole Brokeback Mountain thing got its start.

  2. I am not even sure what to say...that is creepy.

  3. @Bob - As aggravating as they can be to put on, I think I'd rather have the saddle soreness.

    @agirlandhergun, Matt, Rev - "Ew" was one of my reactions.

  4. First, the men are lost. There's little hope after that.