Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ah, That First Obamacare Experience

Technically it won't be until next Friday when I go back for blood tests, but I got the scoop from the phlebotmist today.  Tomorrow is her last day there - from now on the nurses will be doing the blood draws.  The new Obamacare  laws cut the payment per vial sent in for analysis by more than 1/2.  My doctors office doesnt do enough draws to make it financially worth the company  keeping someone at that office. I do hope the nurses have practiced  on something more than an orange.


  1. YMMV but my doc's nurse was actually much better than any of the phlebotomists across town at the lab.

  2. Yep, welcome to the 'same' care you had before... Uh huh, sure...

  3. @Rev, NFO - A neighbor likes to say that trickle down economics don't work, although since he is working full time in a non-essential service I don't know how he can say that. But this will certainly have a trickle down effect as medical companies have to do things like this in order to keep going.

    @Graybeard - My arms are so scarred from the blunter needles that are used for platelet donation that it's going to hurt no matter who does it, but this means one less person to do the same amount of work in the office, and phlebotomy requires a bit of paperwork.