Thursday, June 13, 2013


Nancy Pelosi as she opposed a ban on late term abortions:  "As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this."

Enough is enough. Her bishop (and the bishops of others such as Biden), need to make their excommunications formal and public and make sure they are not given the Eucharist.  They are already excommunicates - that happens as soon as you commit a mortal sin, which promoting abortion is. No formal statement is really needed.  But a formal pronouncement can be made if it's felt necessary, and because they are public officials it IS necessary.

What a foul, evil person, kept company by foul, evil supporters.

Isabella, Born at 23 Weeks

Charlie, Born at 23 Weeks

Haley, Born at 23 Weeks

How dare anyone demand that Isabella, Charlie, or Haley be executed.  How DARE they!  And how dare our Church leaders not stand up in union and formally rebuke those who demand it!


  1. From the outside looking in, I really thought that this new Pope was going to bring the hammer down of people like this, but he personally gave Pelosi and Biden communion in Rome instead of telling them to get their houses in order first. That made me sad.

  2. I'm with Murphy's Law on this one. Very sad indeed.

  3. I agree with you and Murphys law

  4. @ML, Rev., Rick - I agree. We are suffering from bishops (and the Pope is a bishop) who seem to forget that their primary job is as a leader, a visible head. Instead, they get lost in being CEOs,in being administrators, in running here and there preaching. All of which is important, but by not strongly, visibly, and in union addressing this, they are not only allowing scandal to persist, but allowing (and by a lack of strong response, encouraging) sacrilege to repeatedly occur. I know well that many of us receive the Blessed Sacrament unworthily, but we at least struggle, return to confession, and try again. This is persistent and arrogant public scandal, and it needs to be addressed publicly because of that. Instead, the faithful are being left to feel like they are struggling alone.

  5. Pelosi and her ilk are evil incarnate.
    The Church's silence reeks of complicity. Either that, or Pelosi has some dirt on some very high placed individuals within the Church.
    They've certainly failed to walk the talk.

    1. I don't think it's that. I think that bishops fall into the trap of being CEOs rather than Pauls. They run hospitals, orphanages, etc., and forget that that isn't their primary job. Their heads may not lie completely easy at night, but they dance with the devil sometimes in order to do a good job as a CEO. And I think they are, like so many people, afraid of the constant attacks from our spoiled brat society, legal and otherwise.

      But this isn't Nazi Germany. People won't be taken out in executed if the bishops stand up and flat out order that the likes of Pelosi cannot receive the Eucharist. We'll be attacked, certainly. We might even have to shut down services - at which point pro-choicers can completely take over the care we provide - but in America no Polycarp is going to burn at the stake, no James will die by the sword. It would be a very bad situation if our hospitals, for instance closed. But at least a united and clearly articulated declaration, completely enforceable or not, would give heart to the faithful, many of whom were very disturbed by Francis giving the Eucharist to people who have publicly and repeatedly repudiated their faith. And who are in full complicity with the agonizing deaths of the human being whose chest is injected with poison, who is ripped apart, who is scalded to death by saline.