Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Homeland Security Threat Words

One of the things I blasted Jay Rockefeller for was his "no gun owners were placed on government registries" statement.  I asked him if he thought I was so stupid as to believe that information wasn't being culled from my e-mails to him, or if I was one of the two people left in the U.S. who didn't know that the IRS has been used to target conservative groups - a process that requires lists, i.e., registries.  Or if Nixon and Obama didn't have enemies lists.  Or if there aren't conservative bloggers with enough tech savvy to see when they get regularly pinged by Homeland Security.

And we ARE being monitored.  A FOIA request has forced DHS to release the list of key words that they search for as they monitor social media.  And they DO monitor social media.

If you look at it closely what do you NOT see?  That's right:  their search words do not include words like "jihad", "Muslim", "Middle East", or any common words that could be used in social media by those who at war with us.

Our government is increasingly at war with its own citizens.  It has seen the enemy and we - you and I - are it.

h/t WCBM


  1. Yep, absolutely correct!!! Dammit...

  2. Heh. Sooo...we all need to start writing emails that contain ALL of those words, see if we can get their server to crap itself in sheer terror.