Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Full Name Is...

NoNo Scooter Get Down...

I have a great deal of energy.  I am very nosy.  And I sneak out when  I can.  Managed to do it yesterday in fact and led Mom on a merry chase through the mud.  My paws were so dirty that she put me in the bathroom for a couple minutes while she finished bringing in groceries.  I don't like my paws being dirty, so I wiped them off all over the tub, sink, toilet and floor.  That didn't get them clean enough, though, so I stood up and wiped them on the wall and door.  That stuff splashed, too, so it was on the mirror and the sides of things.  Mom said something about having just cleaned that room.

That was so much fun that today I hung off the bathroom shade and tore it, broke a glass, and pulled books and a photo onto the floor as I climbed up to the top of the downstairs book cases.

Mom is speaking a different language right now.  And when I do understand her I hear something about a box, duct tape, and a delivery to a doorstep.  Somebody called Murphy's Law?


  1. Sounds like having a toddler, but with less manners.

  2. Heh, heh, returns outside of the three-day inspection period!

  3. Oh man, one of the BIG reasons I don't do cats...

  4. Reminds me of a picture of some kittens in a group one says my name is Oh No Damned Cat