Tuesday, March 10, 2015


So what's the difference between these two photos, outside of the obvious that they were taken 50 years apart?

 It's what's missing.  Compare the number of American flags in photos from the two events. 


  1. Picture 1: lots of folks who wanted to treated the same as all other Americans.

    Picture 2: lots of folks who either hate or are embarrassed by America.

  2. March #1 Led by a real leader who led from the front and was unafraid to do what was right.

    March #2 Has someone who leads from behind, and will go out of his way to avoid doing the right thing.

  3. 1. Inclusiveness and a shared commitment.
    2. Political posturing and the exclusion of a white former President because he doesn't fit the message.

  4. No flags in the second one...

  5. @Rev, ML, OldNFO, & Aaron - All correct.

    America is such a racist country that for the first time in history a white majority country elected a black president. It is so racist that the president whose father came from a Kenyan hut - from hut to highest office in America in one generation. That's really racist.