Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yep, The 10-rounders Are the Problem

It's the magazines.  Only one hitch out of 50 rounds using the magazine I thought was good, and that wasn't the mag.  A round fired, but didn't eject.  And when I checked the shell was black with carbon.  Thinking the bullet didn't seat quite right, which let some of the powder explosion seep out, leaving it with not enough force to eject.

Was reminded of how hot a freshly ejected cartridge is when one somehow dropped behind my glasses onto that sensitive skin just under the eye.  Of course, the glasses then trapped it there.  Ow.

I've been wanting to go hiking or biking but our temps have soared so fast that unless I got out at the crack of dawn those would be very toasty enterprises.  Getting splashed with river water seems a better idea for such hot days.  So yesterday a couple friends and I loaded the kayaks and did a shuttle that let us put in at Taylor's Landing on the MD side of the Potomac and take out in Shepherdstown, WV.    Unloaded kayaks and gear and then discovered that I'd left my paddle at home.  Sigh.  Fortunately there's a kayak/bike shop right up from where we were going to leave that second car.  I guess I can't complain about having a spare. 

I'm not sure how far it is - one source says five miles, but if you calculate using the C&O Canal Towpath mile posts it comes out about 8.  Whatever, a lovely 3 hours.

Next week I think I'll head upstream from our put in spot and see what there is to see.

But now I gotta go make more ammo. Or mow the lawn.

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