Friday, February 10, 2017

So, You Need A Product

And you go to the store.  You find a version of that product on the shelves, but it is not as high a quality as what you want, so you plan to continue your search.  But you pay for the product you don't want before walking away and leaving it on the store shelf.  After checking out a couple other stores you find the version that you wanted and buy it and that's the one you take home and use.

So you've paid for an inferior model of what you were looking for without having any intention of using it.  Plus you've also paid for the product that you found that fits your needs.  Double dipping OUT of your pocket.

Does anyone know of someone who would do such a thing - willingly agree to pay for a product they don't want and leave it on the store shelf?  Does it make sense to do something like that?

Well, that's what opponents of tax breaks or vouchers for private schools or home schooling are demanding people do.  Children in private schools or who are home schooled do not use the product known as public school.  They don't require that a teacher be hired.  They don't use the facilities, don't use the text books.  Yet their parents are required to pay for the teacher, the facilities, the text books.  It's not the product the parents want for their children.  But they are forced to double dip out of their pockets.

Just one more example of the hatred the left has for choice.


  1. As a homeschooler I would love to be able to stop putting by force my money in public schools

  2. NO real surprise here. Typical behavior by the left...