Saturday, March 10, 2018

They Won't Get ...

...the irony.

Just caught some news from a Maryland station.  In the same newscast:

Shots fired at a Maryland mall.  Maryland has very strict gun laws.

Shootings at a VA facility in California.  California has very strict gun laws.

Florida passes more gun laws in the wake of multiple governmental failures at multiple levels within the current laws.

Dumb as posts.


  1. There are none so blind ... etc, etc.

  2. Hi PH:

    You worked for the guv. You know management and poor planning are NEVER at fault. (Wait a minute. I take part of that back. Planning is derived from management actions and by definition can not be "poor")


  3. Rev and Q: They will not only not be fired but they will get performance bonuses way larger than I ever did.