Thursday, August 23, 2018

If You Have Some Spare Change...

Yeah, I know, but every little bit helps.

The 26 year old son of an acquaintance and grandson of a friend from church was in a catastrophic head-on collision a couple days ago.  He is in critical condition with a multitude of broken bones and a de-gloved upper arm but when they don't have him in a medically induced coma he's alert and able to make jokes.

The remains of his car are on the truck and under the guardrails:

Kaz has a Go Fund Me, and anything you can throw that way would be deeply appreciated.   He and his family have a very long and difficult road ahead of them.


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    1. Thanks. I wish I could post the thank-you video that he had his mom make and post to facebook. He's an amazing young man.

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