Saturday, August 18, 2018

I've Never Had...

... a root canal.  But I'm pretty sure it's more fun than chemo.

And cheaper.  They slapped this little thing on my arm after Monday's infusion:

$14,000. Each.  Battery powered, it startled the heck out of me 27 (why 27?) hours later when it beep-beeped and started ticking as it infused.

And about 24 hours after that goes in, just as you are finally getting your stomach under control (INDIGESTION!!!! REFLUX!!!) and the feeling of being on a bad drunk is easing, your bones and muscles decide to hurt like you've been in a bad car accident.

I've gone from taking minimal medications and nothing otc to having a pill box full of stuff to deal with the fact that I'm being carefully poisoned. 


  1. Keep your head up, it's easier not to puke that way, and hold on. I wish I could offer words of comfort but it will get worse. Then it will, with God's good grace, get better. You are nor alone in your suffering, stay strong.

    1. Thank you, James. I think the hardest part is going to be that you have to deliberately make yourself sick. Kinda like knowing that the only way to get out of a trap is to knaw your arm off...

  2. Thoughts and prayers, and a virtual hug (sorry too far away for a real one).