Friday, November 2, 2018

Where Did He Go?

Is it me, or did the mad bomber story go very, very quiet very quickly?  Sort of like the Las Vegas shooting story.  I understand that they were trying to determine if Sayoc had an accomplice, but a week after snagging him it's like it never happened.


  1. Its almost as if the Jewish shooting was orchestrated to draw attention away. Seems like there's ALWAYS something that happens whenever facts start to line up pointing towards "liberal" or "Democrat" or "faked from the start".

    "Okay, we've got everyone pissed at the Republicans and we're gonna...hold on...just got a note...oh, they're starting to put things together. REDIRECT!!!! We've always been at war with EurAsia!"

  2. Rev and Rabid - I really expected them to continue to make a meal out of Sayoc's supposed pro-Trumpism, especially after the Pittsburgh shooter turned out to be anti-Trump and north-bound mob from Central America seems to be helping Trump.

    I'm normally not much of a conspiracy person but Las Vegas has left a bad taste and now everything makes me go "Hmmmm..."