Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Great Deformity

It's gone exactly where we said it would: the enthusiastic push for abortion up until birth, and for killing an abortion survivor if he or she has what is considered a deformity or defect.

The supporters of this have a much greater deformity than any of those they would murder - a profound deformity of the heart and soul.


  1. I cannot believe this crap, even though I'm seeing it...

  2. These people are a special gift from God

  3. Rev, NFO, Rick - And they don't even get that someone could decide that THEIR lives aren't worth living.

    Or that once the baby is born they can no longer use the highly unscientific nonsense of it being just a part of the woman's body. After birth, if they don't give the child care, it's neglect redulting in death.

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