Sunday, November 8, 2020

So, I'm Thinking Of Getting Myself Thrown Off The Community Website...

People have largely been quiet about the election on the community Facebook site, probably because most people on the site don't want political squabbles - they want to know what plumber or roofer to use or who to call about a stray dog.  But there's one person wandering around posting about how marvelous "Vice President" Kamala Harris is.  Including injecting such a post in a thread about the location of the county dump.  I couldn't resist.  I made a comment about the post being appropriate to a thread about trash.  And that the only reason she got anywhere was Willy Brown's willy.

I'm thinking that if someone pings me about it I'll reply that she's nothing but a 2 bit communist ho with a will to power.  

Think that will do it?


  1. That'll do, ma'am. That'll do. :)

  2. Do I know this particular muppet? I used to be pretty good at getting bounced off that site if I recall. But they always let me back on and then acted surprised when I didn't change my ways.

    1. This isn't on the old Shannondale and Beyond site - it's the Facebook site and there are a ton of new people there.