Monday, October 4, 2021


The masking hysteria is trying to crank up here again.  There are signs plastered all over our church doors saying that our bishop has asked that everyone entering the building for Mass wear a mask.  My reaction was "He can ask that I wear a pink tutu to Mass and 1) it would be equally effective and 2) my reaction would be the same: 'No.'"   At least 75% of the congregation seems to agree with me.

At least one of the chain businesses has also pulled down the "You are good if you are vaccinated" signs and replaced them with "Please wear masks" signs.  Which are largely ignored.

The folks who run the local farmer's market are still requiring masks. It's about done for this year but  I've actually heard people talking about setting up a competing market that doesn't require masks if the foolishness persists into next year.

Neither the city or county police will enforce mask "mandates."

I think people are kinda tired of it and increasingly just not going to play anymore.

As to the vaccine "booster", well, the instant the panel in charge of such things overwhelminly voted against it but were overruled by a political appointee I decided I'm not going to play that game, either.

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