Monday, January 10, 2022

Face Palm

Caused by conservatives.  If I understand correctly, there is much rejoicing among some because "Encanto", a Disney animated release, crashed and burned in China.

Deep breath now.  Thinking about the fact that South American culture is way different from China's.  Might think about that.  Might influence their preferences.

I'm having to defend my appreciation of it.  Very pretty with good music.  My favorite from this season is still "Sing 2" and I need to catch up on the Toy Story series because, well, watch the previews.  I love the previews.  

But, really.  When a company does a good thing let them know.  They are in it for the money.  At some point they will do more good things because the bad things cause them to go out of business.  It may take decades.  But eventually the worm will turn.


  1. Catering to China doesn't always end well... :-)

    1. I just find it annoying that you can't enjoy a flippin' kid's cartoon without people getting their shorts in a twist.