Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Gomer Pyled


Well, no, not really.  Anybody with half a brain has seen this coming because we've been seeing the "breakthrough" cases:  

Who didn't see this coming?  As the article states, in a reasonable world this would end all the b.s.  Right now.  But we live in times that are flat out evil.  That's not hyperbole.  These are EVIL times that demonstrate that no one has learned from history.  World War II cost between 70 and 85 million lives a generation ago but people are being required to show papers again.  And "othering", already well entrenched in the evil of abortion and the involuntary euthanasia being practiced in Europe, is being expanded as those who are "less" are denied treatment:  the NHS denied a woman with Down Syndrome treatment, resulting in her death.  Because she was "other."  And that made her less worthy.

These are evil times, run by evil people, and supported by the lazy and complacent.

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  1. Interesting times, and the pushback is about to get real!