Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well Well Well

Love my well water.  Hate city water.  Of course, there are certain disadvantages.  Contamination is one, of course, but my theory is that any bacterial blooms will be slow enough that my guts will acclimate.  As long as nobody visiting gets sick afterwards I know all is good from a bacterial standpoint.  Another problem is that well pumps are electric.  Power goes out and so does your water.  I live near a town.  Also near a river and I have chlorine bleach, so that one isn't a biggie to me, either.  Plus I know where there is a clean spring up on the mountain.  Water is a pain to haul but you do what you need to do.

But then there's the whole pump frying thing.  And then you have to haul it up in order to get to it.  Which is why my neighbor showered at my house this morning.  And why I was over at his place getting muddy with him this afternoon. 

His well is around 250 ft deep.

Yeah, well.  My well is about 750 feet deep.  I am SO hiring machinery if my pump needs pulled.


  1. Yeah, I have a well and county water. I will always defer to the guys that do this for a living if something goes wrong with the well!

  2. It's amazing how heavy that pipe is.

  3. Smart move! And DO check occasionally for bacteria build up...