Saturday, October 8, 2011

Captured Summer

I hope.

This is peach country, and I do love peaches.  So this year I decided to see if I could capture a little bit of golden, peachy, summery goodness for a future wintry day.  The recipe for peach brandy that I found is simple:  peaches, sugar, yeast, water.  Cover, stir occasionally.

Decanted it last night.  Don't know what the alcohol content is but, hoo boy, those chunks of peaches pack a punch - I'm betting that lighting a match over them would produce a nice blue flame.  Couldn't bear to throw them out - I'm thinking they need to go over some really good vanilla ice cream.

The brandy is now bottled and put away.  In about 6 months I'll check and see if it has smoothed out and clarified.  Maybe I will have managed to capture a little bit of golden summer in a bottle.


  1. Are you distilling it somehow to increase the alcohol content? If you aren't, then you're talking about peach wine, not brandy.

    Better keep a close eye on those bottles. If the fermentation process wasn't complete, they may explode.

  2. You know, I hadn't thought of that - I called it brandy because that's what the recipe called it. Well, brandy or wine, I'm hoping for peachy goodness.

  3. Man-O-Man that looks good. We did a batch a year ago, with out yeast. Just sugar and water, and a BIG jar. It came out quite good. We will have to try your recipe this next summer.