Monday, December 12, 2011

Hate it.

I hate painting.  I hate every moment of it.  I hate prepping.  I hate edging. I hate rolling.  I particularly hate having to put on two coats.

And because the family is spending Christmas here this year I decided to finally, finally, paint the one room left in the house that was still the original off white bland that the rest of the house was when I bought it.  So my weekend was spent remembering why that bathroom wasn't done yet.

Yep.  I hate painting.


  1. I use to think the taping prep was the worst part. But now that I have kids, the worst part is keeping them out of a room that is being painted... and the resulting fiasco when they don't obey.

  2. Little known fact- paining was used as torture in Soviet Gulags.


    I hate it as well. I think houses should have smooth kydex interiors that can be hosed down and disinfected. Just need a drain in the middle of the floor.

  3. I LOOOOOOVE painting. At least the part that I do, which is watch my wife do it.

    I like the color that is on the wall right now. If my wife decides the wall needs to be a different color, I enjoy watching her little rear end go up and down the ladder. While I have a Guinness.

  4. I hate painting beyond any words can describe.

  5. @Keads and fuzzys dad - I kept waiting for elves to do it but no luck.

    @Andy - Two words: "cat" and "fur"...There was also a paw prints across kitchen floor incident during one project due to an unwatched paint can lid.

    @That Guy - Definite torture.

    @North - I won't watch wife's butt but she could have painted while I drank beer instead for sure.

  6. Better than wallpapering... just sayin...

  7. Count me in the hate painting group. Lu is the painter in our house. She won't let me get within arms reach of a roller. Love that woman.

  8. @Old NFO - True. I've put up wallpaper once. Never again.

    @Six - Next time I need to paint I'll call Lu :-)