Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Finally getting the menu together.  Our big meal this year will be Christmas Eve due to some of the family needing to leave Christmas Day.  Tradition has dictated that we do the ham and mashed potatoes thing, but with everybody leaving by Monday, that would leave me with a lot of leftovers of things that, while I like them well enough, I get bored with quickly.  So I was mulling over a change.  And happened to run into the owner/chef of the new Italian catering establishment that just opened up when I stopped for a beer at a favorite spot.  She had suggestions.  I liked the suggestions.  So the menu now is combo Greek/Italian and looks like this:

Shrimp with tomatoes and feta cheese

Cheese manicotti


Citrus green beans with pine nuts

Of course there will be a lot of crusty bread

And Italian pound cake, probably with raspberries and ice cream to finish

Yeah, I think that'll do.  That'll do nicely.


  1. What time is dinner??? :-) Looks delicious!

  2. That all looks too good! As NFO asked, what time is dinner?

  3. yum! looks tasty. We're going a little non-traditional this year as well. I don't have it in me to choke down another turkey.

  4. I with Old NFO "What time is dinner?"

  5. @Old NFO, Andy, kx59, and Rick - That's still up in the air. Depends on how Dwight's drive from Detroit goes...