Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heeeere's your sign....

The headline - "Thieves Pawned Camera  with their Photos".  Story is here.

I remain firm in my belief that there should be added penalties for stupid.  In other words, when these pics are identified, the perps should get a penalty for robbery, and then a penalty for being stupid enough to take pictures of themselves with a stolen camera and then pawning it without erasing the memory.  That's worth at least an extra 30 days.


  1. Yeahbut, it sure makes catching them a LOT easier... :-)

  2. You are probably right, considering they have no shame.

  3. @Gentlemen - I think the best "crooks are stupid" story was the guy who was on trial for dealing cocaine. He was standing in front of the judge proclaiming his innocence and told the judge that the jacket he was wearing was the same as the night he was arrested and the judge could search it if he liked. The judge humored him by taking the jacket and going through the pockets. At which point he found the perp's cocaine stash. They had to recess court until the judge could stop laughing.