Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Busy, Busy, and More Busy

My current re-do seizure looks like this:

(Well, sort of.  For some reason Blogger insists on displaying the image upside down. The picture itself is right side up, but gremlins flip it when I put it here.   Ah, well.  What looks like the ceiling here is my family room floor, devoid of carpet and most of the staples and other things that it takes hours to yank out after the carpet is up.) * FIXED* as per Rev's suggestion.  I put the picture in upside down and now it is showing right side up...   Anyway, said yanking out of carpet is how I spent Thanksgiving Day.  At the end of the day I was thankful that I could still move and that it was a lot easier to breathe down there. 

And then off to Bawlmer Friday evening, so that Saturday we could head for PA to have a delayed Thanksgiving dinner with son-in-law's family.  A good (and thoroughly stuffed) time was had by all.

More stuff yanked up last night.  And awakening to snow flurries this morning reminds me that I need to do some on-line research concerning under-house insulation.  I know that some of the fiberglass stuff has fallen down, and I'm wondering if it can be supplemented with something else.  That lower room is cold and I can't afford to have a wood stove installed right now.  And most space heaters can't deal with 500 sq ft.


  1. If you added the image upside down, then Blogger would right it. Just passing that along. :^)

    Sounds like your time is pretty full; take a break, when you can.

    1. Putting the picture in upside down made it right side up I am sooooo confused....