Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let Them Know

It is now percolating out via Gods Caliber that the Wounded Warrior Project, which so many of us have donated to, is gun-phobic.  It seems that while they will take the money that is raised by shooting events, they don't want to be seen with gunners.  Well, then.  There are other charities out there who aren't so particular about which part of the Constitution they approve of.

We can take our money elsewhere, but I would recommend that we let WWP know what we are doing and exactly why.  Various contacts are available here.


  1. It's a truly disgusting development. They've received a LOT of help from the gunny crowd ... but no more. Now they'll receive a LOT of negative press.

    1. And ironically I suspect many wounded vets shoot for sport.

  2. Soldier's Angels, just sayin... And I took the WWP link down too!

  3. They're just happier with the other "pro" crowds

    Pro abortion, pro gun-control, pro OBAMA, pro hollyweird, pro gay.