Friday, November 2, 2012

Duct Tape Post 1 - Calling Mr. Christie, Calling Mr. Christie, UPDATE

No question the coasts of New Jersey and New York are ravaged.  High population + dense construction+ hurricane = bad bad bad.  It's getting cold and damp at night, too, so folks really need their power back on for heat.  Other states have sent crews to help, and many of the crews are volunteer.  Imagine the surprise of one Alabama crew when they got to New Jersey and were turned back.  They aren't union members, you see.  And the union in New Jersey won't let them work in the state because of that.

Story here.

Update:  Union is saying that agreements between companies have to be signed first and that they were trying to do it by e-mail but the e-mail is down. 


  1. I guess things aren't as bad there as we've been told. If they were, it wouldn't matter where the workers come from, right? Right?

  2. Union Thugs strike again

  3. That sounds like a 3rd class CYA excuse to me. One almost detects the subtle bouquet of BS lingering in the air....seriously, trying to communicate by email, but email is down. YA FRIKKIN THINK???? Ya might also wonder, possibly, if that's why these folks VOLUNTEERED TO COME HELP, without your having to plead or demand, out of the basic human courtesy in their hearts, and without demanding payment in return? Seriously...its embarrassing, and I'm not even a New Yorker!

  4. @Rev, Rick, Rabid, Andy - Hopefully, the crews didn't really leave. It's already a first class cock-up there in so many ways. Probably because Bush hates blacks and liberal New Orleans... Oh, wait...