Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Only Bigotry It's About is Anti-Christian

No, it's not about anti-gay bigotry.  It's about deeply held religious beliefs.  And about the co-opting of victim status by a group that has no right to it.  And it IS about the religious beliefs of one group being forced on another. It's about religious beliefs being forced on Christians.

Being homosexual is not the same as being black, and blacks should be outraged that their arguments for justice have been stolen and are being used, sometimes against them.  Homosexuality is  a disordered desire, not a state of being. Being black is a state of being that the black person has no control over - they cannot cease to "act" black.  Homosexual BEHAVIOR, which is what laws like that passed by Arizona's legislature are about, is the acting out on that desire.  In that way it is much like alcoholism - there is nothing "wrong" with having the disorder but rather the acting on it that is wrong.  It is a struggle, a burden, a cross to bear.  And like alcoholism, the homosexual person has a choice in their behavior.  A "gay gene" has never been found, and if one ever is then the numbers of homosexuals will drop even more than their already low numbers - they will die like the black children of New York in the same abortion mills.

The intent of the Arizona law was NOT to allow random discrimination. To begin with, if a homosexual person walked into a bakery and ordered a cake, just how would the proprietor know they were homosexual unless they announced "I want to have sex with people who are the same sex as me!"?  What Christians (and Orthodox Jews and Mormons and Muslims - but it's politically correct to bash Christians) are seeking protection from is the requirement to participate in the sinfulness of the homosexual lifestyle by catering to such things as "weddings".  And, just like people misrepresent Christians who object to being forced to pay for the abortions and contraception drugs of others, the religious beliefs of those seeking protection are being misrepresented either in ignorance or deliberately.  

Anybody who has been paying attention knows that the homosexual lobby is not content with obtaining the recognition of the fiction of their marriages from the government.  What it wants and what it is actually working for is to force every person to not just accept it as legal, but to force every person to declare in one way or another that it is a positive good.  That has been made very clear in lawsuits brought against churches by couples seeking to force them to perform same-sex marriages.  The money quote from a recent suit against the Anglican Church is "We didn't get what we wanted." And they will attack us and attack us because of that, using emotions and catch phrases and guilt as weapons and bludgeoning us with the force of laws, of fines and jail, of loss of businesses, until they get what they want.
And what we want is not a license to throw people out of our shops.  What we want is the right to not serve people who are behaving in a way that we believe to be immoral because by assisting in that behavior we ourselves sin.  And sin is separation from the Creator of all that is and from whom we derive our being.  But we live in a culture that says that we should check our beliefs at the door and in saying that reveals that it is absolutely clueless about what religious faith is.  It has no concept that sin means separation from God.  If you do not believe in God, then separate yourself from breathing and blood flow - it's exactly the same.  And if you believe in God but think that what I described is OK then your god is a very small god indeed. And those who call themselves Christian and say that Jesus would be fine with whatever behavior they come up with 'cause He's their buddy have invented their own Jesus, for He spoke fiercely and often of sin and it's wages and at no time was He a warm fuzzy who declared "Party on!"
Even if you remove religion from the equation homosexual behavior is NOT a positive good in a world that is moving rapidly towards a population collapse that will have profound implications for the future of our grandchildren.  This is actually what is behind Russia's laws - an understanding of demographics.  It may come as a surprise to people, but the basic purpose of sex in nature is procreation.  It may further surprise people that same sex couples can't procreate. Of course, the same people most surprised by this are those that demand all natural foods and no GMOs while popping synthetic hormones that are tied to such little problems as blood clots and demand legalized mary jane while passing laws against tobacco smoke. So perhaps that's not too surprising.

We are living in a culture that has accepted the laughable idea that sex just for sex's sake is the answer to all problems, all ills, all difficulties  That it's a sport that exists simply for entertainment.  That idea has left pain and suffering in its wake.  There is no longer a concept of the human body as a gift, no concept of the sacred or of the holy in that gift. It's just a toy and Facebook will give you 50 definitions as to how you can use it as a toy.  And then demand that someone else pay for the disease, the psychological issues, the pregnancies, the lost and heart-sick or dead children that result from using another human being as a toy.

Unfortunately, the fiction of victimhood is effective at gaining sympathy.  It works on conservatives as well because they don't want to be the bad guy.  Most aren't strong enough to stand against the tide.  If they were, impeachment proceedings would have been started long ago for the likes of Eric Holder and others currently in office.  Conservatives can't stand against the accusation that they are racist.  And in the same way, they can't stand against the accusation, however wrongly used, that they are homophobic bigots.

Perhaps someone might speak up if observant Jews or Seventh Day Adventists were being pressured to open their businesses on Saturday.  Or if laws were being passed that banned Jewish circumcision.  This is the same situation.  Exactly the same.  Except anti-Christian bigotry is accepted, promoted, and politically correct these days, and so we don't have the same protections.  What I wonder is just how long those who are still under the liberal radar will retain theirs.


  1. Right on. But the ones who control the message have shaped it to their agenda.

  2. The gays and lesbians are attempting to use the state to force all of humanity to accept them. In this, they will never succeed, regardless of how many laws are passed or vetoed. It may become illegal to speak disdain of such behavior, but the government cannot yet control thought.
    Governor Brewer took the coward's way out of this. Please just make it go away!
    "It's going to create more problems than it solves" is what I believe she said.
    No church, religion or any individual's religious beliefs should be violated to force them to marry or provide any service for a same sex marriage by the state.

  3. @Matt, Rev., ML, kx59, NFO, David, Rabid - How's it feel to be a bigot? Because that's what you and I are being called with great abandon.

    1. I believe the pharasees and other religious leaders of the time had some juicy comments to make about Jesus, as well. So to those who would lable me as a bigot? Bring it.

    2. I believe they thought of Him as the other word that is thrown at us - divisive.

  4. When I am on trial for standing up for my beliefs I only pray there will be enough evidence to convict me