Thursday, September 25, 2014

If You Are of a Praying Bent

A couple years ago a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery, chemo, and radiation, and was found to be clear of cancer. Just after her hair grew back, she was diagnosed with lung cancer, had surgery, chemo, and radiation, and was found to be free of cancer. Then, just after her hair grew back again she was diagnosed with brain tumors, received treatments, and was found to be cleared of all cancer. Her hair has just grown back... Now her doctors have detected new tumors on her kidney and in her lungs. Biopsies can't be done for a couple weeks. 

I understand that this seems to be associated with a particular gene and that the members of her family who have the gene have suffered rampant cancer of all kinds.  Whatever the cause, she and her family are much in need of prayers.


  1. Thanks, everybody. I know she appreciates it. I told her last Spring that she needed to give up cancer for Lent but apparently she didn't listen to me.

  2. My prayers given. Amen.
    The Lord's irony seems to be that the parts of us that nurture and give life also take us out of it.

  3. Consider it done. There is only so much one person should have to bear alone.