Monday, September 29, 2014

Itching and Twitching The Night Away

Lights out early - early morning tomorrow....

My left pinkie is twitching...It won't stop.  Shove it under the pillow and pin it.  Thigh itches.  Now ribs.  Scratch scratch.  My face feels funny.  Something weird around my mouth.  Feels all strained.  Strong desire to pull upper lid down over chin and lower lid up towards nose...More itching.  Arthritis in right hand is sore, uncomfortable everyplace I lay my hand.  Drat.  Gotta pee.  Now I need a drink. If I drink I'll have to pee again.  Drat drat.  More itching...

Pretty much all night long.  I was supposed to have the SUV at the shop at 8 this morning for inspection but it didn't happen. I think I got some sleep between 7 and 9:30, when Perry decided to lay on my head.  Inspection will have to wait until tomorrow. 

For some reason this is much more common on Sunday nights.  I'm hoping retirement will cure it.


  1. Isn't it amazing how easy it is to fall asleep when you have no reason to rise early the next day? And vice-versa?

    Or ... what you said. :)

  2. Oh yeah... And the card is dead on...

    1. If you have an early flight you might as well not go to bed...

  3. My theory is that this is a residual reaction to our grade school days.
    The end of the day Sunday was the and of the weekend.
    Next day you had to go to school.
    I don't think I'm wrong on this.
    Every now and then, I still experience this.

    1. I still get the willies when stores put the back to school stuff out.