Sunday, May 21, 2017

And In Other News...

...Flitter loves me.  Flitter being the other mother of kittens, the one who, although spayed, is too wild to come in.  But she desperately wants company - she comes to the back door and rubs against it and purrs and does happy paws if I come over and put my hand against the glass where she is.  Yet if I try to open the door she's gone in an instant.

But.  Nearly every day she leaves a gift in that spot.  I'm happy with the dead voles.  Not happy with the dead birds - goldfinches, chipping sparrows, wrens, chickadees.  Tonight I switched on the light and watched her chase a mouse around the deck.  It will probably be tomorrow's gift.

She loves me, but as usual love's a mixed bag.


  1. You are the cat lady...but Murphy and Belle still love you.

  2. Give her time. I predict she'll come around.


  3. Yep, that cat lady mantle is fitting better and better... :-)