Thursday, May 18, 2017

So, Which Time?

On the one hand, James Comey's testimony under oath that there has been no political interferance with FBI investigations.

On the other hand, a Comey associate calls a so-called reporter and reads them a piece of a memo he supposedly found in which Comey says that Trump asked him to drop the probe of someone who had already been fired and whose reputation was already shot.  Not the full memo, a piece of a memo.  Said memo has never been seen by anyone except the Comey associate at this point.  But the so-called reporter and his so-called newspaper run with it as proof that Trump tried to interfere with an investigation.

Let's just drop the fact that this standard is below that of the National Enquirer for journalism.  Nobody has seen or even heard the full memo.  But let's say it exists.

Which time did Comey lie - under oath or in the memo?


  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk. There you go getting facts in the way again...

  2. Short answer: yes. He doesn't appear to ever tell the truth.

  3. If there was such a memo why didn't Comey report the intimidation to the DOJ?

  4. Think I saw something about he is testifying in public in front of some committee investigating the entire mess on Monday. Hopefully, a congresscritter will ask that very pointed cogent question.