Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dash Cam Video Of Crash

And a couple more pictures. In looking at the video we realized that she blew through TWO red lights at speed.  Fortunately for the people at the other light they hadn't started moving yet.  They probably were sitting there blinking in surprise.

Poor 26 year old was driving his grandfather's SUV when he took the first hit.  He kept apologizing for something completely out of his control.

The perp's car.

Amelia got off lightest because she was in a good quality car seat.  She has an abrasion on her collar bone from the strap but she says it doesn't hurt.  She was a trooper through the whole thing.  They took her out in the seat and strapped it into the ambulance jump seat.

We are so grateful for that car seat.  It was expensive but proved itself worth every penny.

Dash cam video:


  1. Replies
    1. Me, too. My daughter is a walking air bag and seat belt bruise but that's the worst.

  2. Glad they're ok. Cow who did it needs to be taken outside and whipped Singapore-style

    1. TWO, not one, red lights. Although I imagine they can't ticket her for the first one unless somebody at the other light turns in a dash cam video of it.

  3. OMG!!! That hurts just to watch the dash cam!! And good on them for having a car seat instead of a booster seat!!
    I can't imagine how sore they all must be yesterday and today.

    Well, here is hoping that Mr. Murphy moves on to someone else's family and that 2019 is your BEST year ever!!!

    1. Suz - Today actually started with a small victory: I can see the outlines of my knee caps for the first time in about 3 weeks and I don't have to grab the doorjamb to get up the step from the laundry room today.

  4. Yea!! Kneecaps!! Whoohoo!! Next you will be able to see ANKLES!!! :)
    1 step at a time...Happy New Year.

  5. I happened in here, and saw that not only did your family have an accident, but you are suffering from fluid build up, and have been fighting cancer. I was amazed, since that has been a part of my life as well. My wife went through chemo, and now has lymphodema and is fighting to get rid of some of the fluid.
    Myself, I was crashed into by another car when younger, and was injured. My car had stalled in an intersection, and I got
    t-boned, and of course, the state police came to my hospital room a couple of days later, to hand me my citation. Um, thanks, guys.
    I live in Michigan, also, and have that fun no fault insurance. I am happy for you that your family didn't have any worse injuries, and of course, I know that you feel the same way.
    I just want to wish you happy new year.

    1. Hi, pigpen, thanks for dropping by. Although I have seen some things in MI that I liked, like some of their parks, this no-fault insurance thing seems created to punish the victim.

      My best wishes to your wife. My edema has finally started to recede - my left hand is normal today and I saw some tendons/bones in my right foot this morning. It's a process, but when you've been laid up more than you ever have in your life it's frustrating.