Saturday, December 29, 2018

If It Weren't For Bad Luck...

The brown is oil.  There was kind of a lake's worth of it in the road.

That would be my daughter being loaded on the stretcher.

Daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter were on their way to granddaughter's eye doctor appointment this morning when a woman blew through a red light just as everybody in the cross street was pulling into the intersection.  She clobbered the SUV on their left - in the dash cam video it looks like the front of the vehicle just explodes - and spun one vehicle into another until at least four cars were totaled.  They spent the afternoon in an ER with three others that were involved.  The only good thing other than the lack of serious injury was that the woman who caused the accident was in the next bay and we got to hear the responding officer chew her out when she admitted she was looking at her GPS:  "YOU PUT SIX PEOPLE IN THE ER BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ROAD!!!"

And now I know about the idiocy of a no-fault state.  Despite the fact that SIL's dash cam clearly shows in a rather spectacular way that they didn't cause the accident, despite numerous witnesses who stopped and gave statements to the police, despite the fact that the driver admitted to the police that she was looking at her GPS and not at the road, this is all on my family's auto insurance.  They had one payment left on the SUV, and now the SUV is gone.  Their rates may go up because they've made a claim.  What a stupid system.  Every bit of this should be on HER insurance.  If she even has insurance - it was clearly a Middle Eastern accent.

And the day continued its downhill slide when we finally got home and discovered that the dog had gotten into the Christmas chocolate and eaten enough to send her into tachycardia.  Pancake is now in the emergency vet hospital connected to an iv trying to slow her heart down.

There aren't enough swear words in the world to express my opinion of 2018.

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  1. Damn, sorry to hear on all fronts. And yes, no-fault sucks. Call Aaron. Maybe he can help.