Monday, May 24, 2021

The Signs Are Coming Down

Update:  Apparently I missed the announcement, but our guv DID announce that vaccinated folks are now free from the face diaper requirement.  Not that I have any intention of showing my "papers" anyplace.

Our governor has promised that he will free us peasants from his mask order on June 20, in celebration of West Virginia's birthday. Like most of these bozos he doesn't seem to be aware that we aren't slobbering in gratitude over his munificence.

I'd like to ask him why he's no longer in the "I follow the science" category.  Of course, that phrase is one of the most useless bits of parroting to come out of the past year.

But over the last few days I've noticed that those "Mask Required" signs have been disappearing around here, despite the fact that as far as I know neither the governor nor the local health department has blessed us with permission to take off the face diapers.  And I'm seeing more and more people, including some store and restaurant staff, blessedly naked of face.  

I think people are finally doing what should have been done a year ago:  quietly saying "Stuff it."


  1. Yea for no more face panties!!!

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  2. Karan: "Excuse me, you're not wearing a mask. Are you vaccinated?"

    Me: "Do you have AIDS? Tuberculosis? Hepatitis A, B, or C? How about an STD? Herpes? Genital warts? Shall I go on, or are you gonna mind your own fuckin' business?"

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