Monday, June 7, 2021

I'm Shocked! Shocked!

 Well, actually, I'm not.  

According to The Daily Mail:

Chinese military scientist 'filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine BEFORE the virus was declared a global pandemic and worked closely with 'bat woman' at Wuhan institute'

Hm.  Almost as if they knew the virus was going to "get out" and were working on a vaccine concurrently with the gain of function work they were doing on it.  Which suggests, just possibly, that it was deliberately released.  

"But but but GASP!  They wouldn't do that to their own people!"  Mao killed at least 45 million of his own people without batting an eye.  They are enslaving and killing their own people NOW.  The Chinese regime wouldn't flinch at killing a few million more if it gained them the global position they have been working towards more quickly.

And, if it WAS released deliberately, it would be an act of war, not just against the US but against the entire world.  If it wasn't for the fact that millions of Chinese are stuck in a brutal regime that they don't want, this would be a completely justifiable reason to turn several areas of China into complete desolation.  

The other thing I'm not shocked about is the fact that I have to go to news sources outside of the US to find news that should be reported INSIDE the US.  I wish I was, though.  Follow the link to read the article in a British, not American, newspaper.

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  1. Life is cheap in that part of the world... Even cheaper if you're female...